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  1. runtime – 1H, 32 min
  2. release Date – 2020
  3. Alban Lenoir
  4. Genre – Thriller
  5. Kamel Guemra

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Stupid cops, Criminals who don’t think like criminals. If these producers have run out of ideas, Netflix please employ me and I’ll write a better story for free. All I need are the materials.
How can you tell a cop who wants you dead that you have evidence against him and took the only road (since there are no other roads in France) that leads to the warehouse with that evidence?
Please don’t waste your time.
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Those who made negative reviews are stupid and don’t know how review.
No, its not a Fast and Furious type movie, neither ia Mad Max one. So don’t come expecting this.
Nice story. Not original, but nicely built, intriguing and makes sense.
Acting is good and helps story’s development.
It not a Hollywood movie, but as a French action thriller is much better than Earth and Blood, and as I mentioned before, at least this movie has a story and is not just stupid action just because. br>
The action is awesome, not ridiculous as FnF would be, it feels ls more realistic. Yes, it has some sorts of MaD Max elements for his modified cars, but it doesn’t feel like that. Its action is unique.
Effects, both practical and cgi, are outstanding for not being Hollywood.
Wounds, bruises, makeup is amazing. Together with the action, seem credible, something close to what could really happen.
So in summary :
Don’t come expecting what critics want you to compare the movie with.
Watch it as a unique movie, and enjoy it.
You’ll see that it deserves appreciation.

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